About Us

iDEAL FITNESS APPAREL originally started off as a streetwear brand called iDL1STK Clothing back in 2011. Although the Team had it's fun accomplishing all their goals, iDL1STK decided to hang up their towel and pursue other ventures.

Since health and fitness became the focus of U.S. Navy Veteran Rick and his wife Ren Parot's life, iDL1STK Clothing naturally evolved into iDEAL FITNESS APPAREL.

Their designs are inspired by the moments of hard work, dedication, and perseverance that exists around them. From the couple at the gym lifting together, or the men and women having fun at boot camp, or the families training together at taekwondo, to the solo runner determined to run longer and faster.

Everyone has their own set of ideals and fitness goals. And the paths to obtain these goals may be different, but what matters is that they are trying, moving their bodies, working hard to get there.

Stay inspired to motivate yourself and others to strive for change.